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Communication Tools

Check out our new communication tools, which enable people with Aphasia to have more say about the things that affect them in everyday life.

Communication Board

Speakability has created a Communication Board to assist people who are in the early stages of Aphasia recovery. It is ideal for use in hospitals and nursing homes, where an individual has little or no spoken language.

The Communication Board is an A4 laminated card, featuring 15 photographs with matching phrases related to basic personal needs. The Board also includes the numbers one to ten, the letters of the alphabet, and icons for Yes and No.

The Board returns control of conversation to the individual, offering them a much greater degree of independence and increasing their self-esteem. In turn, their carers, family and friends, can be confident that they understand the wishes of the person who has lost their language skills.

I am hungry I need my glasses

Medical Passport

The ‘Medical Passport’ is a pocket-sized, 34-page conversation book comprising icons, pictures and words relating to health matters. The Passport aims to enable a person with Aphasia to discuss their medical needs with their doctor on an ‘equal’ basis.

By being in possession of their own medical communication tool, a person with Aphasia instantly regains a sense of control over their ability to communicate, and in a situation where it is most needed.

The idea for this tool came from people with Aphasia who are desperate to communicate their health issues to their doctor. These individuals have been instrumental in helping to develop the contents of the ‘Medical Passport’ to ensure that it fulfils all their requirements as a patient.

Front Cover

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ICOON Picture Dictionary

The pocket-sized 88-page picture dictionary divides essential everyday symbols and pictures into twelve different categories:

- Clothing
- Hygiene
- Health
- Money
- Leisure
- Accommodation
- Authorities
- Travel
- Measurements
- Emotions
- Food
- World

This word-less picture dictionary was created as a communication aid for people travelling to countries where they are unable to speak the native language. The principle behind the book makes it a perfect tool for use by people who have Aphasia, since living with Aphasia is often described as “feeling like you are living in a foreign country, where you can’t understand what people are saying and where people can’t understand you".

Its 2,800 icons – some in colour – cover a full range of situations and could be a most valuable companion for people with communication problems. Most importantly, this practical book returns control of conversation to the person with Aphasia.

ICOON Food Icons

If you would like to order any of our publications, follow this link to our Publications List and Order Form or phone Speakability on 020 7261 9572.